Why You Should Burn Your Fitness Tracker

I feel like I’ve been bombarded with wearable propaganda for the last two months straight. From Wal-mart telling me to buy my loved one a Fitbit for Christmas, to New Years’ resolution ads, to CES in Vegas showcasing dozens of new trackers it has been non-stop. Through it all I can’t help but think it Read more

Your New Year’s Health Resolution is a Lie

For years I’ve heard well intentioned fitness experts talk about how getting started is the hardest part. They contend that once you get started on a diet and fitness regimen that it is all downhill from there. Well, my experience has taught me that this is just a flat out lie. Every year at this Read more

5 Brave Technology Predictions for 2015

It amazes me how quickly tech change every 12 months. Many of the greatest entrepreneurial success stories started with a single bold prediction. Here are my 5 technology predictions for 2015: 1. YouTube will begin its descent from supremacy Google’s YouTube has dominated video for years and I predict that 2015 will be the year Read more

Entrepreneurism – Do you have what it takes?

There’s an old saying that being an entrepreneur is the only job where you work 80 hours per week to avoid working 40. Too many times I’ve heard people talk about their desire to be an entrepreneur or be self-employed as if it were a ticket to freedom. They think that that they’ll be able Read more

How I Used LinkedIn to Get 3 CEO’s to Fight Over Me (and get a job)

I think most who’ve used LinkedIn and other online job boards to find employment will agree it is less than a perfect system. It is time consuming and encourages job seekers to spam their resume out to every job opportunity under the sun. This has caused recruiters to rely heavily on A.T.S. (applicant tracking systems) Read more

Why Your Start-up Idea Sucks

While no one would ever confuse me with Jason Calacanis or Marc Andreessen, I do see my fair share of pitches. Sometimes it’s someone who’s found me on LinkedIn or Angel List and thinks I can give their new start-up the exposure it needs to gain traction. Other times it’s family and friends who know my background and want an Read more